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Pole Dance: A journey towards Fitness & Flexibility

Hey Saheli, I am here to shift you to the knowledge of  Pole Dance: A journey towards fitness & flexibility, so that you are no more in hesitation to make Pole Dance a part of your self-development journey. To take you the journey of Pole Dance history, I am here to inform you the use of poles for sports and exercise has been traced back at least eight hundred years to our traditional Indian sport of MALLAKHAMB, which utilizes principles of endurance and strength using a wooden pole, wider in diameter than a modern standard pole. The Chinese pole, originating in India, uses two poles on which men would perform “gravity-defying tricks” as they leap from pole to pole, at approximately twenty feet in the air.

Rather thinking the Pole Dance is a part of striptease, sensuality, or some form of exotic dance, let’s embrace it as muscular endurance, flexibility, core strength, and mind-body coordination exercise. Modern-day Pole dance is about having fun rather than trying to be too seductive.

Health & Fitness benefits of Pole Dance:

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  • Tone & Strengthen key muscles group – Though there are so many other ways and form of exercise to strengthen and toning the muscle fiber of different parts of the body but Pole dance takes to a step further as it frequently requires to engage the hand and leg muscle in a rhythmic and fun way. It also builds the core strength along with the toning other muscle group.
  • Burn Calories – As somebody involves a sustained period of time in pole dance, naturally calories burning process is the part of the game, but in a fun and energising way. In general, one can burn 16.6 calorie per minute in contrast to 10calories per minute in Running. Hence 1000 calories per hour is an approximate journey.
  • Stress relieve booster – Endorphins is hormone that releases at the time of pole dance which leads you to feel happier, healthier and energetic. When you work out more your stress become less.
  • Improve body posture – in this age of technology if you are mostly likely involve in mobiles and computers, you body shrinks and reflects an unusual body posture. Due to stretching and toning is part of pole dance, anybody can reorient her body to greater charismatic posture.

Different types of Move in Pole Dance:

  • Climbing Moves (Reverse Climb, Chopper Climb, Dismount & More)
  • Inverted Moves (Batman, Blade, Fang, Hook, Coccoon, Chopper, Butterfly, Serpent, Full Moon & More)
  • Spins & Skills (Fireman, Spinner, Angel, Showgirl & More)
  • Poses & Invert (Barbed Wire, Crucifix, Gemini, Aysha, Daphne, Iguana & More)
  • Leg Hook Moves (Twist & Stand, Forward Hook, Reverse Roll & More)
  • Drops (Flag Back Rolls, Hip Lock Drop, Nose Breaker Drop, Front Attitude to Doughnut & More)
  • Stationary Dancing Moves (Horizontal Tug, Center Swing, Open V Swing & More)
  • Strength Training (Pole Pullups, Push Ups, Table Top, Hangman & More)
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Grab a Pole Dance Class:

As you know, pole dancing is one of the fastest growing sports and fitness trends in the world. It is also the most effective way to look and feel awesome. It may look difficult, but don’t be intimidated. Pole dancing is amazingly easy for beginners given the right training.

Now, most of the great trainers are providing online training classes with an easy and effective way. Go and grab any one of them and learn from your home.

Here is a great deal:

Take on from Pole Dancing:

Pole dance is regarded as a form of exercise which can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Recognized schools and qualifications are now commonplace. The world pole dance is also a buzz nowadays. It Has its own magazine-like Free Spin, Pole Spin, and Vertical. If you go far beyond your fitness journey, you can opt and compete for the Miss Pole Dance World championship or so many other competitions.

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