Dear Saheli, are you ready for the online courses for housewives to kick start your career today ? I am there to guide you through this journey. I know as a housewife, you are managing a heck lot of tasks at your home like an entrepreneur that’s why you are being called a Homemaker. And it is also true that you have sacrificed your favourite career, job, or a dream that could make you feel like a bird in blue sky. Now after so many household work and a tiring day, you sit down at your couch  and thinking of doing something again to relive your dream life at fullest. And suddenly, when browsing unanimously you find this blog “ Top 20 online courses for housewives to kick start your career today”. 

Hence as a part of my responsibility I have curated 20 best online courses which will guide you to choose a suitable career instantly at this fast paced world out of many such courses. You just ready with your Credit/Debit card and enrolled in a suitable course as soon as possible according to your qualification and interest.

1. Become an Influencer with YouTube & Instagram

Yes! You read it right. Become an influencer with Youtube and Instagram. Influence in general means creates your self-brand. As a woman, you are having so many skills from cooking, to gardening to house management, etc or you may also interest in so many things like makeup, hairdressing to shopping, and gossiping. No matter which talent you have you can share, entertain and educate the whole world through these popular social media Youtube & Instagram and can become a sensation in no time. Money will flow like anything to you.

To be a Social media Influencer you need to be ready with some key skills:
  • Sharpening your skill that you want to showcase.
  • Knowledge about light, sound, and camera.
  • Knowledge of Youtube studio.
  • Learning Social media algorithm
  • Learning some promotion and marketing
  • Learning the trends and demands
Some recommended Courses that will help you:
  1. YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

  2. Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!

  3. Complete Instagram Marketing Course: From 0-10,000 Followers

  4. Earn From Youtube Without Creating Your Own Videos!

2. Become A Professional Blogger

Have a flair to sell your thoughts just by writing them? Why not become a professional blogger? Sometime you can not have skills and interests in front of the camera or through your voice, but without any worry you can express it through writing. Out of so many Writing career the most demanding and rewarding career Blogging. 

To be a Professional Blogger you need to be ready with some key skills:
  • understanding the intricacies of this creative field
  • Knowledge to choose a niche for yourself and start developing content around the same
  • Break free from the traditional rules of writing subtle content
  • Know the rules and techniques that can help you monetize your blog
  • Learn to Promote your blog with the right strategies to gain more and more readers.
Some recommended Courses that will help you:
  1. Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project

  2. Niche Blogging Profit Windfalls
  3. Your Realistic Guide to Freelance Blogging

  4. Blueprint On How To Generate A Monthly Recurring Income Online 

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